Five Secrets to Unlock Your Creativity

1. Commit to Take Action

Creative potential is in every of us and can help us to accomplish wonderful things when we tap into it. We will never discover how creative we can really be, unless we take action.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

For Van Gogh it is painting, but it doesn’t matter what the object of your creativity is, or whether you do it for a living or just for fun,  the first secret is to commit to do it.
So ready to take action? Great. Next I will cover four unusual but excellent ways to tap into your creative potential and boost your creativity. Let’s do it.

2. Use your Karma

Creativity is not only for “good people”, but good people are very likely to produce amazingly beneficial creation for human kind.
Good Karma creates a positive environment in our lives and in our head, in which great ideas can germinate and flourish. Good qualities like being loving, giving, generous and kind with the Grace of God create good Karma. Nurture those good qualities to enhance your creativity.
Tough circumstances in our life – we can call it bad Karma – are there to teach us a lesson. Learn your lessons, and then use them to help others not to make the same mistakes or to help them conquer a similar situation. They will find you very creative and inspiring.
Another way to use Karma is by having the intention to create something good that will be beneficial not only to us but also to others. This way, we create a positive vibration which is going to facilitate the creative process of whatever we wish to accomplish, because we intend to help others through it.

3. Know your Limitations

Let yourself be inspired by what appears most difficult for you in this particular time in your life.
Ask yourself questions such as: Who am I? What do I want?
Be aware of your limitating thoughts while attempting to answer these questions. Not in order to be defeated, but in order to be inspired.
Start with the end in mind, where you want to be, what you want to achieve. Brainstorm with that end in mind and find different unusual ways to get to there. Research if other people have been through what you are currently going through, and be inspired by them.
Share your thoughts with someone you trust, you might get additional insight.
Start tackling what appears most difficult to you as your next life project. Attempt to solve an existing problem in your life and you will unlock your creative potential. Your brain will engage in intense activity to deliver the best results, and you will be amazed on how creative you can become.
Usually, what we resist the most is what is going to contribute the most to our self development once we figure it out.

4. Remain Curious

By learning new skills, one might discover hidden talents. One can also boost creativity by combining the acquired skills differently and in different contexts. This will lead to unique end results.
Travel to places you have never been, get interested in a foreign culture, learn to play an (new) instrument, learn a new language or a new programming language, a new skill in your profession, start writing a book, start a webpage or a blog, paint your appartment in a new color, take beautiful pictures of what you love or what inspires you, draw, start painting, write or record everything, etc. Anything that appeals you. Then try to connect unrelated things until you find something interesting or inspiring that you can build upon.
Have fun in the process. This will train your brain to think uniquely.

5. Practice Yoga

The reason why practicing Yoga is a secret to unlock creativity is because Yoga combines relaxation, physical exercise and meditation which are ways to open up the creative mind.
I myself am just a newbie to Yoga, but I’m very fascinated by it and I feel great after practicing.

Please note that it is recommended to practice Yoga under the supervision of an experienced teacher so that you don’t injure yourself.

Relaxation: In a relaxed state, things can appear obvious and one can find insight…Eureka!
Isaac Newton and Archimedes both had insight about physical principles while relaxing. Newton under the tree, Archimedes while taking a bath…Eureka.

Physical exercise is a good way to free our mind and the extra oxygen supply brought to the brain enhances brain activity. This helps us to think sharply and to be more concentrated.
In Yoga, reverse postures or asanas like headstand or shoulderstand bring high blood flow in the brain. With the head down, one sees things with a new perspective, which is beneficial for creativity.

Meditation opens up our creative mind. For me Meditation is listening to God. What is a greater way to tap into our creative potential if it is not to connect with The Creator Himself?
Meditate often, to seek inspiration. Concentrate on your breath in a meditative posture, quiet your thoughts and open up to what is delivered to you and you will achieve the most beautiful and meaningful of your creation.

I prefer to use the word creation instead of work, even though we cannot create like God did, we can reshape His creation in different ways, hopefully for the benefit of all beings.