Vegetables with Peanut Butter

Vegetables Mix with Peanut Butter


For 2 portions

800 g of your favorite frozen vegetables mix

2 medium onions

2 cloves of garlic

2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 tablespoon honey

salt to taste


1. Chop onions and garlic

2. Put olive oil in a pan and when it is hot, add onions and garlic

3. Then add vegetables and stir until there is some water in the pan

4. Add peanut butter in the pan and mix it with the water until you have a sauce

5. Stir under low heat until vegetables begin to become smooth

6. Add soy sauce and honey and mix well. The soy sauce is salty enough, but if you prefer, you can add some salt to your liking. Enjoy with some rice or as it is.

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My Blogging Story…So far

On November 6th 2013, I uploaded my very first post on Nurturing Body and Soul Blog.

On May 6th 2014, the 6 months anniversary of my blogging career ;), I wrote a post with some lessons learned. Back then I uploaded my posts on blogger.

These lessons are applicable to projects other than blogging as well, and I hope you can benefit from them.

Lesson 1- Focus on Adding Value

By inspiring and helping others, not only do I add value, but it helps me to grow as well.

This blog has accompanied me on my growth journey during the last six months. I learned a lot. In the blog posts I share what I’ve learned with my readers.

Most of the time, I attempt to solve problems that I feel my readers can benefit from, in the spirit of adding value.

By the way, I would love to hear from you: what topics do you want me to address in future posts?

Lesson 2- Consistency Matters

Up to now, I have being posting regularly. That means once a week, every Wednesday, which I call Nurturing Wednesday. Consistency is the expression of your commitment.

By the way, I choose Wednesday instead of Monday for example because often we start the week energized and by the middle of the week, we have forgotten most of our good resolutions.

On nurturing Wednesday, we get the chance to be inspired again and to continue with a great week or to save the week.

Lesson 3- Persevere and Be Patient

I believe we should do things because we want to do them. Then they feel right to us. And why not even have fun in the process! If we love doing it, we will stick with it.

If you do something not because you have too, but because you want to, it will feel much better. Once you know that you want to do it, commit to do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.

We need to invest time and energy in our projects and blogging is not different. Additionally to hard and smart work, patience is required for any results we look forward to achieve.

Lesson 4- Put your Work out There

If you only write and post and do no promotion, your work might remain undiscovered by the people who could benefit from it.

Writing blog posts is not enough, you need to promote your blog and your post in order to reach people.

I definitely need to improve on this area.

Lesson 5- Know your Priorities

In order to be consistent with blog posts and not loose myself in the process, I needed to set my priorities and organize myself accordingly. I decided on the frequency that suits my lifestyle, then I stuck to it.

It has been a long learning process and I am still working on it, along with increasing my overall productivity.

If you want to start a blog, I highly recommend it; it will be beneficial for your growth, as a person, as a blogger plus your writing and entrepreneurial skills will improve as well.


My closing words for this post are to tell you that I appreciate you, for reading these words and for reading my blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you Love, Happiness, Blessings and Inspiration.

Then on November 6th 2014, I wrote the one year anniversary post :)

Happy Birthday :) and Many Thanks to you, my readers!

On the 6th of November last year, I published the first post on Nurturing Body and Soul Blog. I did publish because I wanted the world to benefit from what I wanted to share.

One year later, I am thankful that people have benefited from the content I shared.

To get feedback from readers who shared with me how the blog posts have helped them has been more than fulfilling for me as a person and as a blogger.

Not every post is equal, but many of them have been amazing to write as well. Those have highly influenced my personal growth, and I am deeply grateful.

I even got to write a requested blog post, which for me was something very special :)

I love writing for you, my readers, and I love when you find it helpful.

It has been challenging at time to manage the writing/blogging with “life happening”, and I still have a lot to learn and to implement as a blogger in the future.

For example to promote the blog posts in order to be useful to more people and to offer content for example in the form of eBooks. My productivity in those areas can still be improved 😉

So where does it go from here, after one year of weekly blogging, on Nurturing Wednesdays?

Because I am able to help people with my writings, and because I personally grow in the process of researching and writing on a subject, I feel that blogging is a great way to give back to the world.

So I will continue to blog weekly.

The main change in the future will be that I will post on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays. We will now have Empowering Thursdays :)

I am very excited for the new Blogging year ahead. I would like to thank you for your support, your feedback and for joining me on the communities Nurture Body and Soul. I appreciate it highly.

I wish you Love, Fulfillment and much Blessings.


On the 8th of January 2015, I finally launched my self-hosted webpage NurtureBodyand

I am deeply grateful to all the people who have contributed to make this happen. From the bottom of my heart Thank you.

I’m very excited with the possibilities that this next level has to offer and I am willing to take it with confidence and at my own space, monitoring balance in all areas of life.

I’m grateful that you are with me on this journey, and let me know what you would like me to cover in the future. I am here to help you.

If you are thinking about starting a blog yourself, again I highly recommend it. I would advise to start on a self-hosted platform right away, if possible.

Stay blessed and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates.


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3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

When life happens, it seems difficult to keep up with all our goals and projects. We feel overwhelmed because we have all these simultaneous projects that need our attention, our time and energy.

As a result, we procrastinate and only few things get done properly if even they get done at all. Then we beat our self up and we feel miserable for not being productive and not being on track with our goals. What to do in such situations?

The following tips will help us increase our productivity and get more things done.

1- Set Clear Goals and Prioritize

It can make a huge difference to write down what you want to accomplish. Even better, re-write your goals daily to keep them in your awareness.

Establish a to do list. What this does is that it takes the tasks out of you mind and you can feel peace of mind right away, just by writing your tasks down.

Differentiate what is truly important to you from the other goals. Know the reason why they are important to you. When the reason why is clear and big enough, the paths how to accomplish the tasks naturally emerge.
Keep Reading

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Energy Green Juice – Nourish Your Body

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe


You need a juicer for this recipe. It gives about 1.5 l green juice

2 cucumbers

1 green apple

1 lemon

4 stalks of celery

500 g broccoli (fresh or defrosted)

about 100 ml water


1. Wash every ingredients thoroughly

2. Peel the cucumbers if they are not organic

3. Cut apple and lemon into medium pieces

4. Put all ingredients in the juicer one piece after another

5. At the end pour some water into the juicer

6. Enjoy fresh and save the rest in glass jars. Put them in the fridge and drink them within the next couple of days

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10 Simple Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Life

Lasting happiness lies in the things we do on a daily basis. If we habituate our self to do inspiring things, to make healthy choices and to work on our main goals every day, then eventually we create a life and a destiny that we absolutely love.

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” – John Dryden


The following 10 actions done daily can significantly improve our attitude, our mood, our focus, our relationships, boost our energy and make our purpose in life clearer. They can also help us maintain balance and bring us fulfillment in life.

Let’s dive in. Keep Reading

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5 Ways To Transform Your Goals into Achievements

photo by Scott Maxwell CC BY-SA 2.0

photo by Scott Maxwell CC BY-SA 2.0

We all have goals we want to achieve. Sometimes they are resolutions we take at the beginning of the year, other times it’s a milestone we want to reach in a ongoing project, and others times again, it is a dream that we secretly want to see come true.

Who doesn’t love a fresh start?  As a new year begins, we set new goals, we are enthusiastic about them and we think to ourselves: “I can totally do this. This year will be different. This year is THE YEAR”. Right?

But if we don’t focus on our goal and monitor our progress, eventually that enthusiasm fades away as time goes by. At the end of the year, many of our goals haven’t been achieved, and there comes another new year. And the cycle of setting goals and not achieving them starts once again. The New Year resolutions phenomenon. How to break that cycle for good?

In case your goal is not related to new year at all, may be it is just that one dream you have that you’d really love to accomplish, but you just don’t see how to get there. How to finally materialize that dream?

Keep Reading

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10 Ways To Renew Inspiration and Deal With Discouragement

Recently I stopped working on my projects for a moment in order to recover fast and completely from a cold I had. After I recovered, I found myself doubting about my projects. Was I going to efficiently accomplish my goals?

For example I doubted if I was helping and inspiring enough people with my blog and I felt discouraged because I was advised to start guest posting on other blogs to drive targeted traffic to my webpage, but I haven’t done any blog posts yet and it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable – Guest posting seems to be essential when it comes to becoming a successful blogger and I feel heavy when it comes that. Because of those doubts, my momentum slowly decreased. I got discouraged. I felt uninspired.

That has inspired me to write and share with you 10 ways how I deal with discouragement in order to feel inspired again.Keep Reading

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6 Ways To Take Care of Your Body

Taking care of our body is a continuous process which keeps us fit, healthy and happy. We shouldn’t wait until we get sick before we slow down to take care of our body.

Let us start by being aware of our body right now. Be thankful that we are alive and that we live in our body and decide to take good care of it. Jim Rohn said:

” Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

To take good care of our body, we have to listen to it and consider the elements which are going to help the body feel good and renew itself: elements such as cultivating health-habits, water and nutrition, rest and sleep, exercise, fresh air, and I will add beautifying the superficial.Keep Reading

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The Happiness Experiment – Creating Habits

These inspiring words of Mahatma Gandhi suggest to me that our habits which are sustained by our actions, do define our values which in turn shape our destiny.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.” — Mahatma Gandhi

So, if we work continuously on building great habits, then eventually, once established, those habits will start working for us in creating an amazing destiny.

Keep Reading

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