What Does Happiness Mean To You?

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Do you imagine that if you materialize all your biggest dreams and goals, then one day you’ll be only happy? With no more sadness or frustration?

Or are you living your best “happy” life right here and right now, no matter the circumstances?

Over the years, I’ve come to substitute the pursuit of happiness and joy – which is only one side of life – with embracing fulfilment.

So to me, true happiness means fulfilment. And fulfilment is an inner feeling that’s unique to you.

It’s about having the wisdom to embrace all that life has to offer us in this moment, not only the “happy” side of it. 

Fulfilment is also about aligning your life, with what is truly important to you, what resonates both with your heart and mind. It doesn’t come from outside.

It’s when you continuously grow from what life presents to you and gradually see meaning and purpose in it. 

That being said, happiness can be found in the little things as well, as you can read in this blog post. 

Make a list of what makes you feel happy, joyful and most importantly fulfilled, especially the little things and the people. Do these little things every single day and embrace all that life offers you with the wisdom of a grateful heart.