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10 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Finish What You Start

10 mistakes to avoid and finish what you start – NurtureBodyandSoul.com

Have you ever being caught in an endless cycle in which you enthusiastically start a new exciting project, yet you fail to complete it?

And like a stotting deer, you jump to the next exciting project, and the next one, and the next one, only to leave them all unfinished and fail to see the results you want.

Here are some mistakes to avoid and what to do instead if you really care about finishing what you start.

Mistake 1 –Setting goals that are not really important to you

Solution 1: make sure you know WHY you want to accomplish the goal or the project you’ve chosen to work on. How will it impact your life and the life of those around you if you completed this goal? How does it make you feel to accomplish this project?

Mistake 2 –Not being crystal clear on what the end result looks likeor constantly changing what the end result look like

Solution 2: Write in details what you really want, why it matters to you and make sure the Your goal is measurable and has a deadline.

For example: Instead of I want to eat healthier, you can say 
I will eat a green smoothie each morning, a whole food lunch and a green salat each evening for the next 10 days

Mistake 3 – Following too many projects or options at once

Solution 3: Choose only one project that has the highest priority for the time being, on which you’ll focus until completion. 

Mistake 4– Having too complex goals that paralyses you

Solution 4: Divide your projects or goals into very easy to do milestones

Mistake 5 – Not scheduling in your calendar where and whenyou’ll work on your goal or project

Solution 5: After you break down your goal into sub-goals, write on your calendar when and where you’ll work on what.

Mistake 6 – Not executing relentlesslyuntil completion a.k.a. giving up

Solution 6: Keep going. Daily small incremental actions are your best friends on this one. Write down the day before the 3 priority actions that you’ll do the next day that will bring you a step closer to your goal. And do your very best to complete each day those priority actions. As long as you don’t give up, and you keep growing and expanding, you’ll succeed.

Mistake 7: Not planning for obstaclesin advance and their solutions

Solution 7: Be clear on what your strategy is and on what possible obstacles you might encounter. Prepare solutions in advance

Mistake 8: Chasing and starting the next exciting idea or project

Solution 8: Write down your new exciting ideas down, and wait until you complete your current project before you can start the next exciting one.

Mistake 9 – Not measuring your progress 

Solution 9:Have well defined metrics that you use preferably on a daily basis to monitor your progress. Note what is working and work on what isn’t working.

Mistake 10 – Not being grateful 

Solution 10:write everyday the things, people, events, accomplishments, etc. for which you’re grateful for. Make sure to acknowledge the progress you’re making on your project or goal and have thankfulness for it. To those who are thankful, more is given.

Wishing you all the best to complete that project or goal that is so dear to you.

With soo much love and encouragements

How to Finish What You Start

photo by Gabriel Saldana CC BY-SA 2.0

photo by Gabriel Saldana CC BY-SA 2.0

There are many projects that I’ve started and haven’t finished. It doesn’t keep me from starting other projects. But somewhere behind my mind, there is that little vague feeling of guilt for not finishing what I have started.

Do you sometimes feel that way too? Guilty about the projects that you have started and haven’t completed?

What is the key elements to finally complete the projects that we started?

There must be a trick right? Indeed there is. And that trick is: start only the projects that you will finish. Is it that simple?

In the following, we will illustrate how the planing phase is as important as the actions that we take, in order to increase our productivity and finish what we started. Keep Reading