Secret Ingredients To Materialize Your Biggest Dreams and Goals

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While fully enjoying the present moment, it can be hard to realize that our dreams and goals are moments away from us, especially when we feel stuck.

In such cases, going back to the basics can free us from our daily routines, allow us to look at the grand scheme in terms of our life purpose and get our ducks in a row again.

You know, the goals you had at the beginning of the year or the dreams you’ve chosen for your life.

Are you going according to your plan? Or May be you’ve accomplished them already? if so, well done, congrats. Remember to celebrate your progress and your successes along the journey.

If you’re not where you wanted to be, I got you, and each moment is the perfect moment to reassess and correct your course, or to start fresh.

Let’s have fun!

Think about that one thing you always wanted. Or the many things you want for that matter.

Dream just for fun

Dream just for fun and write it down.

Like Marie Forleo suggest you can say to yourself woudn’t it be cool if… and fill the blank with everything you can think of.

Create the longest list possible of all the things you’d absolutely love to bring into reality. 
Just go unscensored and unedited for this first time and just pour it out, just for fun

It’s nice to just let your imagination and your enthusiasm run and think and write all the things that you desire dearly or remotely.

This can definitely open your mind and creativity and you might get new ideas in the process.

Are there goals or ideas that are related? Can you combine them?

Also notice how you feel about each goal or dream you write. Are you feeling the goals that come right from the depths of your heart?

Now! Do you want to materialize those dreams or goals? Then let’s dive in.

Start with Gratitude

“Gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway of your heart, that allows the untapped and inspiring potential of love to radiate out and cleanse your mind of any clouding uncertainties that could block you from living your most amazing and extraordinary life and dream.

When you are grateful for what you have you get more to be grateful for.

Your life is fulfilled to the degree of your gratitude.”

Dr. John Demartini

Write down all your gratitude.

The blessings, the people, the experiences, the things and events for which you’re grateful.

Write down all you’ve accomplished so far, in your life, last year, this year, last week, yesterday, it does’t matter, be generous and remember big and small accomplishments.

Write it down as well as the blessings you’ve received from life and from others.

Make sure to include all areas of life: Family, relationships, parenting, career/entrepreneurship, finances, education, creativity, health and fitness, spiritual, social influence, lifestyle, etc.

Gratitude opens your heart and clears your mind like Dr. Demartini so brilliantly said.

This puts you in a higher vibration, in a higher state so that you’re in alignment.

Ask for Guidance

Now Ask for guidance on what dreams you truly want to bring to life as your next step. You’re are asking your inner Self, your Soul, the higher part of yourself.

Because so often what we think are our dreams are actually borrowed ideas and idealisms from the people around us.

So make sure your dreams are truly yours. Take a deep breath in and out and ask for guidance.

Trust that you’ll be inspire and you’ll know what you truly want.

Next week we’ll be looking at The Power of Focus To materialize Your Dreams and Goals now that you know what you want.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series

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With all my love and gratitude.