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Do You Want To Feel Understood When Communicating? – Want to feel understood when communicating?

I got the request from readers to talk about relationships and communication skills.

What a great idea, because with the holiday season coming soon, we’ll be dealing with our relatives and other relationships even more intensively, and this usually happens with some kind of stress.

Do you know this situation: we want to communicate and to be in a dialogue with the people we care about, but sometimes we end up in alternating monologues: each person is talking to the other person, but nobody feels understood.

To end the alternating monologues, great communication really comes down to knowing what the priorities of the other person are and then respecting them and communicating in terms of those priorities.

This will ensure that you feel understood when communicating, and the other person too will feel understood. Ideally, we want each person to communicate in terms of the priorities or what is most important to the other person.

By the way, this is my brother on this picture, great at communicating. Just
like my man who was too busy with the kids to take pictures. We celebrated my daughter’s 3rd Bday this weekend. Can you believe she shares the same Bday as Marie Forleo.

Conflicting priorities create conflict in communication, but by opening our heart and asking the right questions we can find a field of harmony, where the priorities of the people involved meet.

Ask yourself for example: How does his or her priority help me achieve what is important to me and vice versa: How are my priorities helping them get what they want.

This video of Dr John Demartini perfectly explains how to add value in our relationships.

Some resources if you’d love explore further for more fulfilling relationships:
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Wishing you a happy holidays season,

With all my love and lots of gratitude

10 Simple Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Life

Lasting happiness lies in the things we do on a daily basis. If we habituate our self to do inspiring things, to make healthy choices and to work on our main goals every day, then eventually we create a life and a destiny that we absolutely love.

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” – John Dryden


The following 10 actions done daily can significantly improve our attitude, our mood, our focus, our relationships, boost our energy and make our purpose in life clearer. They can also help us maintain balance and bring us fulfillment in life.

Let’s dive in. Keep Reading

Learn To Forgive

Forgiveness often doesn’t come to us naturally. Most often the instinctive reaction is to hold grudge or to get even.

Even when we want to forgive, it can be difficult because we forgive with our words but we still feel grudge inside.

This can cause damages to our Self in the long run. So it is important for us that we learn to forgive if we want to live a truly fulfilled life.

In this blog post, I will present some simple principles that will help us learn to forgive.

Find out the positives that have emerged from that experience and be grateful for it. You know that you have forgiven when you can be grateful for the experience.

Be grateful for the fact that you have grown from the hurt and the wrong that the experience has caused into your life. Be grateful for the people who helped you in the process of overcoming that situation.

Realize that since you are still here, alive, it didn’t destroy you. The lessons you have learned from it will make you stronger, wiser and you will be valuable to other people. Keep Reading

5 Tips To Create Balance in Your Life

Have you ever examined your life and felt that it was out of balance? May be you have many projects that you follow at the same time?
It happens to me more that I would like to admit. In fact, that is what has inspired me to write this blog post.
In the following, I will present five tips that have helped me in my attempt to get a fair degree of balance back in life.

1 – Set Priorities

Determine what is important to you in life and prioritize. Act according to your priorities, and delegate whenever possible.

Plan to finish what you start and limit the number of projects that you tackle at the same time. Since people have different capabilities, find your own threshold and keep it in mind when you plan.

Maybe 2 or 3 big projects weekly is a good start. It does not have to be the same weekly projects throughout the month or the year. You can alternate your focus on various projects on a weekly basis.Keep Reading

Free Yourself – Let Go

As long as our space and our life is full of things, people and memories we don’t want or don’t feel good about, we cannot have room for what we really want.

Learning to let go might be the first step you need to start creating the life you love.

By letting go, we create an opportunity here and now. That opportunity can then unfold into something new, better or more suitable for the person we are in this present moment. Keep Reading

How To Be a Loyal Friend

We can show our loyalty towards our friends directly in multiple ways. For example by caring, by being there in difficult times, by expressing our admiration of them to third party, etc…

But in certain situations, it is more difficult to demonstrate our loyalty, especially when our friends are not present.

Mary and Alice are friends. While they were catching up after a long time apart, Alice was explaining to Mary how Gabrielle, their common friend, has hurt her.

She was talking strongly about Gabrielle in a negative way, and Mary could sense, she was still deeply hurt from Gabrielle behavior. “I don’t want to talk to her anymore, and we are avoiding each other lately”, said Alice.Keep Reading