Convert Setbacks into Comebacks To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals – Part 3

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The mini-serie ‘Convert Setbacks Into Comebacks’ is part eight of The ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from

Do you occasionally caught yourself playing this role too? “feeling like a failure” after something you really thought you wanted didn’t go your way? And telling yourself that you don’t know what to do?

I understand what an annoying game this can be, not doing anything else than feeling miserable and thinking back and forth in your head about giving up or moving forward, over a so called “failure” or “setback” – whether you perceive it as major or minor – on your journey to materialise your dearest dreams and goals.

These setbacks have the potential to be your biggest comebacks, they are indeed blessings in disguise.

What to do? Convert setbacks into magnificent comebacks

In Part 3 we’re covering what to do after setbacks in order to convert those setbacks into magnificent comebacks and materialize your biggest dreams and goals.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

First calm down and relax. You can do this by paying full attention to your breath, each time you inspire and expire, feel the air and its path in your body, Focus on the sensation when the air enters and then exits your nostrils.

To relax, you can also contract all of your muscles for as long as you can and then let go and relax all muscles all at once, and feel the relief. Also let go of any thoughts, notice them pass by and come back to breathing deeply and rhythmically.

Now that you feel calm and relax, ask your soul for guidance.

Please pay close attention to what will come to you: It can come in so many different forms: a voice in your head, an idea, a calling to do something, a coincidence, or someone talking to you.

Do this process of accessing your inner wisdom as often as you can and write down your insights in a journal.

Make sure to implement this insights with massive actions every day.

Also find and do regularly activities that help you connect with your inner wisdom:Yoga and meditation are the most popular when you think about inner wisdom, but really it can be any activity that you love and feel in the flow with.

For some it is dancing, for other writing or painting or for other still it is sports or playing an instrument, reading inspiring books, being in nature or keeping a gratitude journal.

Find out what you love, what makes you come alive and do that/those often. Even better have daily activities that bring you in the flow, in the zone where you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom, your soul, the clearest.

Accessing your inner wisdom regularly, many times a day is a great way to rewire your brain. This will ensure that you think and act outside the box or outside your comfort zone, and in alignment with what really matters to you.

Prepare Your Comeback and Ask Empowering Questions

The quality of your life is driven by the focused actions you take as a result of answering quality empowering questions.

Ask yourself the right empowering questions, that will help you to learn from the setback, to adjust your perception and to take inspired action.

Instead of asking “why did this happen to me”

Ask an empowering questions like

  • How can I learn from this or
  • What can I learn from this
  • What caused this?
  • What benefits do I get from this?
  • What benefits do others get from this
  • How can I improve in my personal life? How can I empower all areas of my life? What area do I want to focus on right now?
  • What would happen if this did’n’t happen? What would be the drawback if this didn’t happen.
  • Who was in this situation I was and succeeded and how can I get inspired and learn from them in order to get a better outcome for myself
  • What can I do right now to use this setback/situation in my advantage
  • How does/can this situation or setback increases my levels of fulfilment in my life?

Write down your answers to these questions, for example in a journal or on your computer.

Focused Priority-Actions

Okay, you’re doing a great job answering these empowering questions. Don’t stop at just answering them, instead, back them up with massive action.

Act on the gained insights everyday, by doing priority actions (at least one priority action everyday) that transform your setback into a magnificent comeback.

And if you feel doubt creeping in, instead of seeking immediate gratification by distracting yourself with food or TV or social media or surfing online or any other distractions, get up and go do a high priority action that is aligned to your goal and to your vision.

If you find yourself procrastinating, chunk down what you want to do in even smaller steps and start with the hardest or easiest step, whatever suits you. Also make sure that you know exactly WHY you want this in the first place.

Be kind and loving to yourself by setting realistic small steps even if your dream seems big and intimidating/unrealistic, acting on what you say you would do gives you certainty and courage to continue to create momentum. keep your word to yourself and do what you said you’d do.

The steps above will get you moving towards your dreams and goals closer and closer everyday, and convert any setback into a magnificent comeback.

Yes, we did it. This post officially concludes the Convert Setbacks Into Comebacks mini series as well as the Materialize Your Dreams and Goals Series