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Do You Want To Feel Understood When Communicating?

NurtureBodyandSoul.com – Want to feel understood when communicating?

I got the request from readers to talk about relationships and communication skills.

What a great idea, because with the holiday season coming soon, we’ll be dealing with our relatives and other relationships even more intensively, and this usually happens with some kind of stress.

Do you know this situation: we want to communicate and to be in a dialogue with the people we care about, but sometimes we end up in alternating monologues: each person is talking to the other person, but nobody feels understood.

To end the alternating monologues, great communication really comes down to knowing what the priorities of the other person are and then respecting them and communicating in terms of those priorities.

This will ensure that you feel understood when communicating, and the other person too will feel understood. Ideally, we want each person to communicate in terms of the priorities or what is most important to the other person.

By the way, this is my brother on this picture, great at communicating. Just
like my man who was too busy with the kids to take pictures. We celebrated my daughter’s 3rd Bday this weekend. Can you believe she shares the same Bday as Marie Forleo.

Conflicting priorities create conflict in communication, but by opening our heart and asking the right questions we can find a field of harmony, where the priorities of the people involved meet.

Ask yourself for example: How does his or her priority help me achieve what is important to me and vice versa: How are my priorities helping them get what they want.

This video of Dr John Demartini perfectly explains how to add value in our relationships.

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Wishing you a happy holidays season,

With all my love and lots of gratitude