Being Present On The Journey To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals

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This is part three of the ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from Nurture Body and Soul

Being Present To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals, Why?

Being in the present moment helps you not to worry about the future or regret the past: It is also called mindfulness. You put your attention solely in the present moment.

It calms your mind and helps your body to relax. It increases your energy.

In the context of materializing your dreams and goals, it helps you to set goals and not let the outcome determine your state of mind.

Have you ever felt frustrated or discouraged or sad and unhappy because you didn’t get the outcome you wanted after setting and working toward a goal?

I assume it happens to most of us from time to time and it might just be a natural part of being human. Still we can learn and practice the habit of being present as much as we can in our every day life and especially on the journey to our biggest dreams.

Practice in every moment the Art to have a bold vision or a big goal and to still be fulfilled and happy on the journey especially in challenging times and despite the setbacks.

Not letting the challenges and setbacks along the way rob you of your peace of mind, your joy, your happiness and your fulfillment is very important. 

Also do not let the outcome of you goal determine your state of mind or your happiness. Choose the way you want to feel in the now.

For example:

Feel happy now.

Just smile now.

Feel grateful now.

Feel present now.

Breathe now

Just take a deep breath. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Now.

I have created a simple meditation pdf guide to assist you in being present on your journey to materialize your dreams and goals.

Why Meditate To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals?

Although it can be difficult to define what meditation really is, I love the definition of wikipedia below.

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. – Wikipedia

Meditation is a powerful way to gain clarity, to reduce stress, to increase our energy, feel elevated feelings, calm our mind and be in the present moment.

When we make meditation, mindfulness, and elevated feelings like gratitude a recurring event in our daily life, we create new connections in our brain, totally different from the old connections that create our usual stress response.

Neuronal patterns dictate our behaviour. The new neuronal connections created by practicing meditation change our brain neuronal patterns which implies a change in our behaviour and therefore in our personality. This means that we create a new reality for ourselves by practicing meditation.

We become a new the person, someone who is empowered and connected within and who is able to materialize and live her biggest dreams and goals in the present moment, and moment after moment.

Practicing meditation in the process of materializing our dreams and goals help us to be fulfilled, even with a bold vision.

To be present instead of being stressed by the fears around the future or to live with the fears and regrets of the past.

To stay grounded while being inspired at the same time because the mind is calm, clear, stable and coherent.

How To Meditate To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals

There are many ways how to meditate. I encourage you to experiment what works best for you and then choose that.

For me personally, I love to focus on breathing to calm the mind and to concentrate my attention on the air that I’ breathing, visualizing it as life energy, or light and love. I welcome and observe whatever thought come, and I go back to my breathing when my awareness catches those wandering thoughts.

When you contemplate your thoughts without resistance they lose your attention. Now you can let go and put your attention back to your breath.

Use mindfulness and meditation along the journey toward your goal and couple it with gratitude for your blessings, your accomplishments and your dreams and goals as if already accomplished.

In that process, really feel elevated feelings as often as possible: gratitude, presence, inspiration, unconditional love…

Also embrace all aspects of you in the present moment. The blissful wise part of you and also the sometimes stressed part of you. They are both part of who you are in the present moment. So Thank them both and love them both unconditionally.

Each attempt you do at meditation or mindful breathing contributes towards your growth. So don’t be discouraged, instead be compassionate and loving towards yourself along the process.


Next week we’ll be looking at Why it’s important to set SMART goals in order to Materialize Your dreams and Goals now that you are grounded in the present moment. Until then stay blessed and blissful.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series

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