Are You Setting SMART Goals To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals?

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This is part four of The ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from

Do you have that one goal that will have massive impact on your professional and personal life? 

Let me ask you this question: Is your goal SMART?

The SMART-characteristics below will increase the probability of success of your goal and your sub-goals.

Is your goal Specific

Be precise and clear on what exactly you want? Include as much details as possible because the clearer you are on what you want, the more likely you are to get what you want.

M is for Measurable

How will you measure your progress and your results? This has to be clearly defined. It should be easy to know if you accomplished your goal or not.
By the way the more specific you are in defining your goal, the easier it is to measure your progress and results.

A is for Achievable 

or attainable. 
If you set goals that are unrealistic to your conscious mind, this can lead to procrastination or discouragement.
At the same time don’t be afraid if you are inspired from within to be bold in your goal setting. Trust the unlimited higher power that inspires us to show you the way.

Relevant to You

Is your goal aligned with your values?

According to Dr John Demartini, a human behavioral specialist, goals that match or are not related to our highest values are just fantasy that will be self defeating and bring the ABCDs of negativity

The ABCDs of negativity according to Dr Demartini

So ask yourself:
Are my goals aligned with my values, my priorities?
If not link your goals to your values and priorities

or set goals that actually match your highest value.

This is a most crucial step that will increase your probability to succeed. You’ll stay inspired and embrace the challenges and the blessings that come along with your goals when they are aligned with what is important to you.

Time bond

Does your goal have a deadline? Having  a self imposed realistic deadline to your goal can help you be more productive and efficient.

Vague goals that are not measurable and not related to your values are a guarantee for failure.

Your big why and your highest priorities

Are your goals and dreams aligned with your top priorities in life? What is most important to you? Like what is around you, what do you spend your time, energy, money or your thoughts on. What do you love to learn and to talk about.

Answers to these questions will give you a clue on what your highest priorities are.

Having a goal that is not relevant to our own highest priorities in life is like wanting to fly a kite when there is no wind.

Think about it: even if your goal is Specific(add as much details as possible), Measurable(have metrics to measure it and improve) , Achievable within a specific Timeline, all those metrics won’t really help you if you miss the big WHY that boldly aligns your goal to your own highest priorities.

You’ll likely find yourself procrastinating, and needing outside motivation to keep you going instead of relying on self governance and demonstrate self discipline toward your goal.
Or Feel frustrated, angry at yourself and blaming yourself for not doing what you said you wanted to do.

A goal that’s relevant to you is one that is aligned with your highest priorities in life. If you don’t honor your unique set of priorities, you might set goals that sound cool and that other people will admire you for having, but at the end of the day, you won’t be satisfied you won’t feel fulfilled if you’ve neglected the priorities that are truly important to you.

Make any goals revolve around your core highest priorities and link them to feel fulfilled.

Or only set goals that are aligned or part of your highest priorities.

Of course those highest priorities might change depending of what stage of life you are in.

Honoring and living according to your own highest priorities in each stage of life is power.

If you find yourself loving what you do and feel fulfilled and driven to continue doing it and you embrace gracefully the blessings as well as the challenges and setbacks that come along the way, because you understand that they all serve you and they all contribute to your growth toward your ultimate dreams, then guess what: you are living in alignment with what is most important to you, with your top priorities.

When you do, you are unstoppable and everything is fuel to you, you do materialize your biggest dreams and goals

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Next we’ll be looking at the planning phase to Materialize Your dreams and Goals now that you are grounded in the present moment.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series

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