Strengthen Your Mindset And Materialize Your Biggest Dreams And Goals – Part 1

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The mind is a powerful instrument that we can use at our advantage to materialize our dreams and goals. The degree of fulfillment that you have in life highly depends on your mindset.

Each season of your life brings its own blessings and challenges. To adapt to your ever-changing circumstances be it in life or in business, a strong mindset is a invaluable asset.

This is part seven of The ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from

We’ll examine 8 ways to strengthen our mindset in order to materialize our dreams and goals. Let’s start with part 1, covering a balanced mind and gratitude, self care and exercise.

Strengthen Your Mindset Part 1

A Balanced Mind and Gratitude – Self-Care and Exercise

1. A Balanced Mind and gratitude for a Strong Mindset:

Being able to see that from a crisis blessings can emerge and also that from blessings crisis can begin is wisdom. It helps you keep a balanced mind and not get unstable between being elated and depressed. A balanced mind allows you to stay in equanimity, poised and present, no matter what happens in your life.

True gratitude for a balanced mind

When it comes to cultivating a strong mindset or changing your mindset to create the mindset that will lead you to fulfill your biggest dreams and goals, my favorite thing to start with is a gratitude journal.

To Those who are grateful, more is given. To those who are not, more is taken away. Having gifts taken away as a result of ingratitude helps you wake up to the importance of being grateful. – Dr John Demartini

Like I shared in the previous post ‘Start with a grateful Heart’ , write down the things you love, the experiences you’re grateful for, the things you’ve been blessed with, your past accomplishment and even the dreams and inspirations that you have for your life.

Don’t forget to include the challenges you’re facing in your gratitude journal, because challenges and setbacks are blessings in disguise.

It can be difficult to be grateful for the challenges until you discover those hidden blessings.

For example the lessons that you learned from challenges and setbacks and from your mistakes are hidden blessings that enrich your life. – Strengthen your mindset: Balanced Mind and Gratitude

With a balanced mind you recognize that there is order and perfection, you acknowledge the divine order and the divine intelligence that permeate everything. That to me is the strongest mindset.

Expand your gratitude by writing thank you note to the people who’ve inspired you or who did something for you.

Gratitude increase your frequency: higher frequencies means alignment with your goals and dreams. Feelings like gratitude and love bring you to a higher frequency a.k.a you feel great.

Also finish each day with a balanced mind and your gratitude journal. Write the accomplishments specifically for that day, how you followed you action plan and what priority actions you did. It helps you finish your day strong.

2. Self-care and Exercise to strengthen your mindset

Take care of your body and exercise for a strong mindset

Exercise: Do you exercise regularly? May be you won’t believe me if you do not exercise regularly already, but truly, strengthening your body with appropriate exercise is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your mind. Choose exercises that promote and build strength, stability and balance, they also increase your focus.

Why is exercising so important for a strong mindset? – Strengthen Your Mindset:Self-care and Exercise

Exercising makes you feel good because of the chemicals that are release in your body when you exercise. It also brings you out of your comfort zone.

Okay, sometimes it doesn’t feel pleasant when you exercise and push your limits and your muscles feel sore and your breath short, be it through running, doing push ups, doing yoga or dancing or any type of exercise that you practice.

Feeling all that discomfort in your body requires awareness and a degree of presence.

Then afterwards, you feel proud of yourself and you feel amazing not only for showing up but also to follow through and finish your routine. The more you show up and exercise, the more strength you build for your body and for your mind.

Listen to your body carefully to avoid injuries and rest when necessary.

For more self care tips, check the blog post on 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Body


The techniques above applied with focus, dedication and repetition will help you break free from your limiting beliefs and transform your self image at the level of your subconcious mind. This will enable you to materialize your dreams and goals.

Give yourself the gift of cultivating and maintaining a strong mindset on your journey to your biggest dreams and goals.


Next we’ll be looking at visualization, affirmations as well as inspired focused actions out of the comfort zone to strengthen your mindset.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series

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