Gratitude and Intentions

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I got more than what I asked for…

When we add intentions to the gratitude practice, we expand from being grateful for what we already have to being grateful for what we want to attract: experiences, people, circumstances, things and situations. We anticipate and thank in advance for what we are attracting.

On that day, I went for a walk with our son in the park and then we went for grocery shopping. It was unusually warm for a winter day and we met two young cheerful people, a girl and a boy who smiled to us, and I smiled back.

At the grocery store, one lady kindly offered to help me to pack my stuff at the counter since I was carrying our son in front of me in the baby carrier. She was probably in her sixties or seventies. I am not good at guessing people’s age anyway.

Instead of rejecting her offer because I was capable of packing my stuff myself, I smiled, accepted her offer and thanked her.

While she was helping me pack, I looked into her eyes and said with a smile: “Thank you, this is very nice from you”. She smiled back. I could feel how delighted she was, joyful. As a consequence she wanted to help me even more.

So as I was getting busy paying the stuff with my card, she offers to carry my stuff for a while. Wow she was so nice to us and I am very grateful for her.

This pleasing experience was the result of one of the intentions I gratefully set that day as I woke up in the morning: to go for a walk with my baby and to meet cheerful people. Except for one thing, like I stated in the beginning, I got more than what I asked for and that was awesome.

Of course intention alone is not enough for good results. We still need some efforts and sometimes efforts mean real hard work.

In practice, when we wake up in the morning, we want to be grateful for what we already have in our life in the present moment. Then we want to set intentions for the day and be grateful for what we wish to realize and experience in that day.

Some examples of simple intentions for the day:

  • a walk in nature
  • a healthy breakfast
  • a peaceful state of mind
  • joy and patience throughout the day
  • intend to do something specific for the people around us
  • some particular accomplishment for the day
  • work on the nest step of a specific project
  • a healthy attitude throughout the day
  • inspiration
  • diner with friends
  • a book, etc.

We can even intend to attract a butterfly while we work in the garden or sit in the park. Nevertheless, keep it simple; intend only few things to begin with, may be two, then gradually add more intentions to your “list” after some days of practice.

You will be surprised at the additional things that unfold from this process, just as if there was a bonus waiting for you, for each intention you set.

Setting our intentions ahead is like fishing in an ocean of possibilities. By combining intention with gratitude, we anticipate and thank for what we want to attract in our life, and we will get what we need and beyond, in harmony with the needs of others.

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