Disease – Crisis or Blessing?

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Due to disease strengthen your mindset to materialize your dreams and goals part 3 has been delayed.

NurtureBodyandSoul.com – Crisis or Blessing

Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that crisis is a blessing. – Dr. John Demartini

Do you feel guilty for being sick or can you be grateful for a disease? or a health condition or any issue you have had in your life for that matter?

I hope you’re well, since I’ve being struggling with a cold for the past couple of days myself, after 5 months of strong health. Probably due to changing weather and not enough sleep, and the inner work, I guess.

Your happiness and fulfillment in life are proportional to the depth of your gratitude.

I hear you asking. Why Inès and How?

Well, on one hand, it’s easy to be thankful when things go our way, we get elated and we express our gratitude, we feel happy.

On the other hand, we’re more likely to get resentful and avoid talking or writing about subjects that have a negative connotation to them in our mind, like disease or challenges or insecurities.

Therefore we might have a hard time being grateful for them and as a result we feel resentful, angry or miserable. 

But if we can recognize the benefits that they can bring us, then we’ll have no problems being grateful for them.

Thus no matter what happens in our life, we can embrace it for what it is, because events always have both sides: the positive and the negative, the challenges and the benefits. 

The side on which we focus grows, and dictates the way we perceive things.

Wisdom allows us to see both sides at the same moment and to therefore be balanced. But usually we perceive only one side, live in imbalance and are judgmental.

Isn’t it interesting how sickness reminds us how valuable good health is? 

Illness and its symptoms are a way for our body to give us feedback on how we’ve been living in the past and a suggestion to adjust our way of living in the future.

And what to do with illness in the present?

Listen to it, live in the present, not in the past with regrets or in the future with fear. 

Slow down, learn from your challenge, take a break, be kind to yourself, balance your emotions and your mind.

Our body already has the magnificent power to heal itself, with our immune system, if we offer the right environment for it to do so:

  • enough sleep,
  • the appropriate nutrition and
  • water intake, 
  • fresh air
  • reduction of toxicity, 
  • stress management,
  • exercise,
  • balanced mind and emotions, mindset
  • practice gratitude
  • a fulfilling life
  • mindfulness, meditation
  • etc

The connection between our mind and our body is undeniable and so can balancing our mind and living a more fulfilling life help us to heal faster.

Do you have a health condition that robs you from you energy, or from your self-confidence?

Consider being grateful for your health condition or illness or any issue you might have. It sounds counterintuitive, I know.

But finding the benefits you get from your condition can help you be more grateful for it.

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Some example of benefits:

  • people around you care about you more because of it
  • you take better care of your body, mind and soul because of it
  • you focus on other aspects of your life where you have more strengths
  • you develop other skills that make you more interesting
  • you gain more self-confidence and learn to embrace yourself as you are now
  • you are more authentic and live a more fulfilling life, etc

You know, a long time ago, I suffered from acne and had itchy keloid on my chest. That situation which lead me to research about my condition.

As a result, I started focusing even more on body mind-connection, self development, healthy living, embarked on a balanced lifestyle journey to improve my condition.

This was one of the reasons between others that lead me to create a website to share tips I’ve learned that have helped me along the way: self actualization, holistic success, happiness and fulfillment, productivity, etc. to create a balanced fulfilling life: NurtureBodyandSoul.com was born.

Although I still have the keloid, it is no more itchy and the acne is gone.

At the beginning I was so concerned about the keloid growing on my chest, and I found it unaesthetic. 

Now, as I ‘m growing, I’ve accepted to embrace it, to see it as a beautiful perfect imperfection, a part of me, you know, like a natural jewelry to be grateful for and for what it brought in my life indirectly.

Of course I also have moments where I wish the keloid wasn’t there, because just like everybody, I’m human. 

I have both sides in my perception, the positives and the negatives, the benefits and the challenges, and I don’t always see both sides at the same time in balance.

What about you? Do you struggle with a health condition? If so, how can you be grateful for it? What benefits are you getting from it?

By the way, this apply to any issue or challenge we may have in life, not just health conditions.

The more we can be grateful in our life for all possible things and circumstances, “good and bad”, the more happiness and fulfillment we can experience. 

Stay healthy and embrace wellness no matter what condition you have, it’s here to serve you.

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