The Power of Focus To Materialize Your Biggest Goals and Dreams

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This is part two of the ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from Nurture Body and Soul

My heart jumps up and down in excitement and I try to contain myself not to get too elated. I’m so thrilled when I get feedback from my readers, it fills my heart with joy and deep gratitude. 

Last week, one of my readers told me that she loved what I shared in the newsletter for Part 1 of the ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals Series’, especially these words which she posted on her instagram (Thanks Nicole) :

Repetition is intentional and helps us to stay on track on the journey to our dreams. 

So let’s recap first. In Part 1, we uncovered 3 secret ingredients to materialize you dreams and goals.

1- We talked about making a long list of things that would be cool to materialize in our life. If you didn’t write it down, then please grab a pen and get going.

2- Then we listed with gratitude, our past accomplishments and all the blessings of our life (people, events, experiences, etc.)

3- finally we asked our soul for guidance to select what’s truly important to us.

Is Your List Exhaustive?

From what you’ve written last week in Secret Ingredients To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals, your list might include some or many of the following in one form or another:

  • the habits you want to develop
  • the skills you want to learn
  • what business you want to create
  • what kind of friendships you want to create
  • what people you want to meet
  • the family you want to create or
  • what kind of parenting you want to experience with your children
  • the possessions you want to have
  • the wealth you want to build
  • the income you’ll love to have,
  • the languages you want to learn,
  • learn a music instrument
  • the level of fitness you want
  • the hobbys you’ll love to have
  • the places you want to travel to,
  • etc.

La vie est si belle et vaut la peine d’être savourée à grandes bouchées dans tous ses aspects.

In case you’re wandering, the translation I came up with is: Life is soo beautiful and well worth living to the fullest in all areas. I felt it still didn’t make my thought justice, that’s why you have it above in French.

I bring it out because let’s face it: I understand that you don’t want to miss out and leave something behind.

Plus you want to empower all areas of your life and I love this one, be it your health and self-care, family, intimate relationship, friendships and social influence, parenting, your spiritual life, physical fitness and beauty, financial, intellectual/ mental, vocation, business, creativity, fun/recreation, environment, travel, etc.

You want it all. Is that right? Then continue reading.

Why Focus?

Since we have so many things that we want to accomplish in different areas of life, our list might be very long, as the example above shows.

However, it’s so important to focus if we want to get results, because as in these words from Tony Robbins, “where focus goes, energy flows”. And I will get further and add:

where your focus goes, energy flows and results follow.

As challenging as it can be to choose only one goal from your list, it is crucial that we decide on one goal if we really want results we are after. SUCCESS.

Without focus, we lack clarity and we can get overwhelmed and frustrated or discouraged.

That’s why we need to gain clarity on what to focus next.

What a better way to get clarity than to turn to your inner wisdom!

So ask your Soul for guidance once again in order to prioritize and narrow your list down, until you can focus primarily on one thing.

The aim is to get laser focused on one immediate priority goal first, execute and follow through and then we can shift our focus to the next priority and repeat the execution and follow through part until completion and so on.

Focus will increase our probability to be disciplined and to follow through.

If you still need help to pick only one thing, these questions might help you choose and get focused.

Ask Yourself: What is most important to me? Honor the answer you know inside to be true. Not what you wish were true.

May be some hint in your life already point to this: like what do you think about most? what do you talk about with people, what is around you most of the time.

Ask Yourself: What is going to have the biggest impact in my life and the life of those around me if I could accomplish it?

With laser like focus we make our energy converge to what is really important to us, to what we really want. We bring to the table what it takes to complete the goal with focus.

If you scatter your energy in all possible directions, trying to do things that aren’t necessarily important to you, you will sure be busy but fail to get the results you want, and to bring your goal to completion.

Now it’s Action Attraction Time:

Action Attraction Time prepares you to take massive non negotiable ACTION. So let’s do this:

Write down the most important thing that you would love to be, to do or to have that really matters to you. Include as much details as you can and be specific.

Make sure your goal is measurable and has a deadline.

This way, you can measure you progress along the way to completion and know exactly when it’s done.

Write down why you want to achieve this goal. What is the reason behind your goal, why is it important to you?

Finally, imagine that you’ve already accomplished your goal and your dream is now a reality. How does it make you feel? Write it down and feel those elevated feelings right now.

Feelings are Amplificator

Your mind can’t differentiate if your feeling is from an imaginary situation or if it is from a situation you’re currently experiencing in your reality.

You see, most of the time we go after something because of how we think it will make us feel. So what we’re really after is the way we want to feel. Thus other things that can generate the same feeling for you might be what you truly want or just as fulfilling.

Knowing how achieving your goal will make you feel will not only amplify and accelerate the materialization or execution process of your goal but also inspire you to follow through till completion, on the quest to that feeling – which you can choose to feel right now.


At this point, you know exactly what you want because you picked what is most meaningful to you right now and you will focus on it until completion.

You also know why you want it and how it makes you feel to get it. You have it in a written form and you can read this every day or rewrite it. To re-write it everyday is even more powerful because writing it, is a form of materialization.


Next week we’ll be looking at Why it’s important to be present on your journey to Materialize Your dreams and Goals now that you know what you want. Until then stay laser focused on your dream and immediate goal.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series

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