Start With A Grateful Heart – Materialize Your Dreams and Goals

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This is part six of The ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from – Start and finish each day with a grateful heart

Let’s kick start the mindset part of the materialize your dreams and goals series with this quote from Einstein:

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

A grateful heart is a fulfilled heart. A Grateful heart allows us to see the hidden miracles and blessings in our life, and at the same time embrace and welcome the challenges and setbacks in our life, because armed with wisdom, we recognize that challenges are also blessings in disguise.

Each season in your life brings its own challenges and you might need to adjust your routines  in order to adapt to your changing circumstances. Keep a grateful heart whatever you do. – Start with a Grateful Heart To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals

Trust the journey and appreciate the wonders

On that sunny day, something unusual happened to me. I lost my monthly transportation ticket. Would you believe me if I told you that it was the best thing that’ve happened to me that day?
At first I didn’t like it and felt uncomfortable. But I kept asking myself: “I wonder what good will come from this” despite the discomfort.

Try to tell yourself “I wonder what good will come from this” next time you face a challenge and see what happens.

Well I decided to buy new tickets and then to go back to my path and to look for the lost ticket.

Here is what happened: that morning, I was walking in nature near to the Main river, so I went back and walked there again.

To make a long story short, I ended up

  • running (instead of just walking) along the Main, by the way it’s the same river as in Frankfurt am Main,
  • I meditated in Nature with all the fresh air, the water in front of me, the beautiful trees, the unusual warm weather for October, and the occasional hikers and bykers.
  • I saw two boats while peacefully sitting on the bank crossed legged and contemplating.
  • Plus I could shoot many beautiful pictures and enjoy the moment

So much beauty and calm. So unpredictable, so divine.

Have you had a similar experience that first pissed you off and then you discovered the hidden blessing?

At the end, I haven’t found my monthly card but I’ve tanked enough inner balance and strength to tackle all the challenges that day had to bring me.

When events happen, they are neutral, but we polarize them through our perception and our senses and only pick one side, then label them as good or bad.

The synthesis of complementary opposites to me is when we can recognize that there is conservation and all exist at the same time in different forms, that everything only change form.
With that prerequisite, we can choose to be grateful for everything, at all time, for the blessings and also the challenges.

To execute and follow through on your goals and dreams– which is the hardest part really after all the planning – a strong mindset is required.

When it comes to cultivating a strong mindset that will lead you to fulfill your biggest dreams and goals, my favorite thing to start with is Gratitude. Not just gratitude for what you like and love in your life, but true gratitude also for the challenging parts as well.

Start each day with a grateful heart.

As soon as you’re aware of being awake in the morning, even before you open your eyes, recall all the things for which you’re grateful.

A grateful heart for what you love

Start each day with a grateful heart and if possible, write down your gratitude in a gratitude journal:

  • what you love,
  • the people,
  • the things,
  • the experiences you’re grateful for,
  • what you’ve been blessed with,
  • your past accomplishments.

A grateful heart for what inspires you and what you’re materializing

Don’t stop there, with what you love. Write gratitude for

  • your intentions
  • the dreams,
  • the goals and
  • inspirations that you have.
  • Especially for the steps that you are accomplishing and
  • the synchronicities that are happening to show you that it is materializing.
  • No matter how small or big, and how slow or fast, be grateful for it all.

Feel truly grateful in your heart for all of this. Take a deep breath and smile.

Gratitude increases your frequency: higher frequencies means alignment with your goals and dreams.

A grateful heart for the challenges

Now also write your gratitude for

  • the challenges you currently face in your life
  • the setbacks
  • for things and people you perceive as disturbing in your life.
  • for event and situation you currently dislike
  • for being uncomfortable

May be you ask, Inès why should I write this in my gratitude list. The reason why is that with time you’ll discover the hidden blessing that these exact challenges, setbacks, things and people you dislike in this moment. They are all indeed blessings in disguise.

So instead of waiting for time to show you how all the above ‘unwanted’ are blessings, why not use your inner wisdom and recognize now that all is a blessing. This is true gratitude.

Such elevated feelings like true gratitude and love connect you with your heart and reflect wisdom and divine order.

In your heart lies your inner wisdom and it knows exactly what you would absolutely love to do in life and it expresses gratitude for every step on the journey.

Unlock that inner wisdom by listening to your heart and Soul and taking action with courage, a grateful heart and awareness of the present moment.

Finish each day with a grateful heart

At the end of the day, write in your gratitude journal what you are grateful for specifically for that day. What you’ve accomplished, the events that happen, the people you interacted with. Everything that inspired you.

The last minutes before you close your eyes are important because that is what will go easily in the subconscious mind.

So before you fall asleep, close your eyes and review all the things for which you are grateful for. You can do only the part you loved from your day, but like I mentioned above it’s wiser to cover gratitude to it’s fullest.

A grateful heart is a great way to start in the world of the dreams so to speak, when you fall asleep.

True gratitude is inspiring and embraces everything. Like Dr John Demartini said (57:33) in this inspiring interview with Rob Moore:

The broader the awareness the more you see the synthesis of opposites and the less you’re trying to polarize and get rid of half of it. It’s pointless to try to get rid of something. It’s inspiring to see how it fits in and to see the hidden order in the chaos. – Dr John Demartini – Grateful heart – Dr John Demartini quote: awareness, synthesis of opposites

Most importantly trust the process no matter how your journey unfolds, you’re exactly at the right place.

Time for Action To Materialize

First write your gratitude as described above: for what you love, what you’re materializing, and the challenges.

Now Let’s recapitulate what we’ve cover so far in the materialize your dreams and goals series with the following questions: (keep a grateful heart when you answer them and write your answers down.)

What is most important to you right now? What’s your biggest dream or goal?

Is it relevant to your highest priorities in life? If not link them together. How is your biggest dream or goal is helping you fulfill your highest priority in life?

Is the outcome you want is clear, precise, specific and measurable? If it is not how can you make it clear and specific?

May be you bound it in time, for example I will do XYZ for the next 5 days or 14 days or 30 days.

Keep it simple, You want you to win this. 

Not to get overwhelmed and give up.

If it is something bigger divide it into smaller easy to take steps and start there. Use the Action Plan template to create your ultimate action plan

What can you do today and this week that will bring you closer to that particular goal? Write your priority actions.

Plan at least one thing per day in your calendar, when and where are you going to do those small steps this week, that will bring you closer to your goal?

What are you going to do when you face setbacks? Have an action plan for this and you’ll increase your chances for success.


Next we’ll be looking at how to strengthen your Mindset to Materialize Your dreams and Goals now that you are grounded in the present moment.

This post is part of the Materialize Your dreams and Goals Series. The previous post covered how to create Your Action Plan to Materialize your Dreams and Goals

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