Powerful New Beginnings: Level Up Your Life

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Inspired to Level Up – Powerful New Beginnings

First of all, I want to share with you my experience from the weekend PLF Live Event: I spent three full days with a community of beautiful and brave souls, just like you, and it was in the New York time zone. And let me tell you, for me, it was three days of powerful new beginnings, of pure awesomeness live, with Jeff Walker and his Team!

From my side, I feel recharged and ready to take on the whole universe 😀
Also, I still feel a little bit of jet lag, not because I traveled (in fact, it was a virtual live event) and not only because of the unusual hours, because despite that, the energy of the event was so high and invigorating.

Moreover, It’s amazing how spending time with people who share similar values and goals and who are at the top of their game can recharge your batteries and get you fired up to level up in your own life.

I wish you could have been there with me to experience it all. But the good news is that I’ve brought back all of that enthusiastic energy and inspiration with me. And I want to share it with you, because you’re amazing for being part of this community.

So, let’s do this! Let’s make it happen together, with renewed energy and purpose.

Next, let’s create a life of balance and confidence, where we go after what we truly want and live life to the fullest, of course also with awareness and mindfulness. Following our intuition, our heart and soul’s desire.


How to Experience your Best Month Yet?

Secondly, let’s welcome together, in this beautiful Spring season, this new month! Shall we?

Did you know that the name of the month May comes from the Greek Goddess Maia, which is associated with fertility as well as nurturing.

Close your eyes with me right now, and let’s bless the new month, just like we bless a new year! Embrace powerful new beginnings and also fresh opportunities!

Additionally, it’s so awesome that May starts with the celebration of Labor Day. Isn’t it? We went to the swimming pool with the whole family and enjoyed the soothing healing power of water.

Back to welcoming this new month: What do you desire for this new month and how are you going to birth that desire to life and nurture it.

Let’s wish last month Farewell, it’s gone never to come again. Sayonara April!
What lessons have you learned? And from the beginning of the year up to now?

Furthermore, one thing I took straight from the event with Jeff Walker and his team this weekend is to do a debrief and ask: “What went well, and what do differently?” WWW/WDD pretty cool isn’t it?

Small Assessment

Thirdly, take time to do a mini assessment for last month or from the beginning of the year up to now and set new goals for the new month and onward.

  • What was good/ great?
  • What worked?
  • How did you grow?
  • What didn’t work?/ a.k.a “what do differently”
  • What are you willing to stop doing? 
  • What are your plans and goals for May and for the future?

Make sure to include all areas of life in your assessment:

  • family/ intimate relationship/ parenting
  • spiritual
  • mental/ intellectual/ creativity
  • vocational/ carreer
  • financial/ saving/ investing
  • social influence/ friendships/ leadership
  • physical health, fitness, vitality, beauty
  • fun/recreation/Hobbys/our environment
  • etc

Choose your Theme for the Month

Lastly, choose what the theme of this month is for you? Month of Awareness? of Manifestation? of Transformation and Growth? Breakthrough?

Choose your own theme for the new month. What is it going to be all about for you?
May be you tight it to your main objective that you’d love to materialize this month.
May be it’s all about starting again from the ground? Embrace powerful new beginnings and fresh opportunities?
Or may be you just call it the MONTH OF LEVELING UP!

May this month bring you balance, confidence, and mindfulness as you pursue what you truly desire. Let’s do this together!

And to all the people celebrating their Birthday, Happy Birthday Month 🙂
With All my Love and Gratitude

Your Invitation to Work with Me

PS: Finally, if you’re feeling stuck and need support, I’m here to help. Book a free 15-minute Zoom call with me, and let’s work together to make this month(whenever you read this) a breakthrough month for you.