Life is What We Make Out of It

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What do you expect from life? Financial independence? Great relationships? Health, fitness and vitality? Your own personal definition of success? You want it all?

The question is: What are you putting in? What are you ready to invest in order to get the outcome that you want?

We live the life that we have built. We can build our life actively but if we don’t, the outcome will be the default results of our inaction.

Right here and right now is the perfect place to start. We already have all that we need in our life right now. Even if we are not aware of it. The truth is we ARE alright here and now. That is a reason to be grateful for.

We can be thankful for what we have already now. It is important to keep our hand, our mind  and our heart open in order to receive and acknowledge the awesomeness that is around us.

But it doesn’t means that all stops there.

In fact, we are inspired from our desires to act and make things happen. If we want to manifest those desires, then we must do what is necessary in order to get what we want.

And this is not always easy. Smart work, hard work, discipline, productivity and consistency are all required when we want to be effective.

First make sure that what you want is really coming from your heart and not from what is imposed to you from the outside. Use introspection or meditation for example to find out what you want to do and be responsible for your choice.

Then find out the benefits and the challenges that will emerge and how you will address them.

What resources do you need and who can help you? Find out people who have had the outcome that you desire to have and learn from them. What is it about them that inspires you? Find in yourself and cultivate the qualities that they have.

Now do what you need to do, and things will start to unfold. be consistent and a path will be made, where you didn’t expected one, to lead you where you desire to go.

It is important to differentiate between the things that we can influence and the things among which we have no power. For example, we can influence our own behavior, but we cannot change the behavior of others.

Per default, our life will be governed by our repetitive behaviors, our habits. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad habits, they will determine the way we act in our daily life.

That is why in my opinion, if we want real change in our life, we must pay attention to our habits and work on installing the habits that will benefit us in the long run.

Working on these habits needs time, so it is not a quick fix solution, but it sure is a lasting solution, because we have habituated ourselves to great habits.

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