Free Yourself – Let Go

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As long as our space and our life is full of things, people and memories we don’t want or don’t feel good about, we cannot have room for what we really want.

Learning to let go might be the first step you need to start creating the life you love.

By letting go, we create an opportunity here and now. That opportunity can then unfold into something new, better or more suitable for the person we are in this present moment.

Let go. It can be things that we no longer need and that we haven’t use for a long time – clothing, kitchen accessories, etc.

In which case letting go means to give them away to someone who might need and appreciate them, or just to throw them away if they are broken.

We will then have more space for what we really need and appreciate.

Generally speaking, it seems easier to let go of the material stuff – broken stuff or stuff we don’t need anymore.

But what about the unhealthy relationships that are making us feel miserable despite our efforts to make it work? And what about past events to which we have negative emotional connotations?

They seem more difficult to let go of.

Nevertheless, we need to learn to free ourselves of them too, in order to attract fulfilling relationships and beautiful new memories from this moment on.

To be able to let go, it is necessary to assess the situation from a balance perspective. What challenges are brought to us by this situation/relationship and what benefits can we reap from it?

After this exercise about finding balance, we will be able to express our gratitude for the situation occurring, then forgive and bless the persons involved. Read Learn To Forgive to find out more about this step.

Another part of letting go is to forgive ourselves for the part that we’ve played to attract the situation in the first place. Be grateful for the benefits, the growth and the wisdom gained.

Recognize that whatever the situation is, here and now is what we can rely on. Free yourself because the past is gone, and the future depends on this present moment.

So Be Present, here and now and make the best out of it, and then let go again.

Okay, now I would love to hear your process of letting go. Share with us in the community.

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