Find Happiness In The Little Things

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Know the little things that make you happy and consciously appreciate them in the present moment. This helps you perceive more joy and fulfillment in your life.

There are little things that we can actively and regularly do to bring more joy into our life. Other little things may depend on someone else or on circumstances.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to compile a list of the little things that make you happy. Then consciously multiply their occurrence in your daily life.

Meanwhile I will share my list of 50 with you and I hope that it inspires you to find happiness in little things.

Little Things I appreciate That Bring Joy

1. Inspire – Expire. Breathe deeply

2. Smile for no reason, and keep the smile as long as possible

3. Drink a glass of water slowly

4. Admire a sunrise or sunset

5. Accomplish something – it doesn’t matter how small or how big

6. Have a healthy and delicious breakfast to start the day

7. Take beautiful pictures and share them

8. Take a shower or a bath, get dressed to go out and enjoy the process

9. Smile to a stranger or start the conversation

10. Smell a flower and admire its beauty

11. Enjoy a delicious meal – maybe your favorite

12. Get in touch with someone you love after a long time apart

13. Give water to a plant

14. Count the blessings (gratitude) especially when you don’t feel like it

15. Walk in nature and pay attention to the beauty around you

16. Exercise. my exercise routine is about 15 min, 6 days a week. Sunday is rest day 🙂

17. Practice mindfulness

18. Pray and meditate for someone else, may be for a loved one or for someone who needs prayers

19. Surprise someone with a little gift

20. Give someone a compliment

21. Get some rest

22. Meditate: even just for 2 minutes

23. Paint and relax into the painting process

24. Admire the result of the painting process. A beautiful painting

25. Drink a healthy green smoothie or a green juice

My Favorite Little Things That Bring Me Joy

26. Good phone call with someone I love and trust

27. Play sudoku

28. Go on a date

29. Get a compliment or  give a compliment

30. Receive flowers

31. A stranger’s smile

32. Have an inspiring idea or have insight

33. Write

34. Occasionally enhance my beauty with some make up or do my hair

36. Send someone a kind message(sms, email, whatsapp message, …)

37. Feel great in my bare skin

38. Read an inspiring book

39. Find something new, inspiring and interesting online

40. Get readers for my blog

Find Happiness in Little Things As a Parent of a Young Baby

41. Look into the eyes of a happy smiling baby

42. Sing to our baby

43. Get baby to sleep after he has been fussy

44. Give our baby a Bath

45. See baby reached a new milestone in his development

46. Teach our baby something

47. Feed baby peacefully

48. Play and enjoy moments as a family

49. See that our baby has his first tooth 😀

50. Crazy laughter with our baby, for no real reason

Now I would love to hear from you: What are the little things that make you happy? Share in the comments and share with someone who’ll appreciate this.

Remember to multiply the occurrence of those little things, whenever possible on a daily basis.

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