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Start Leveling Up: Your Powerful Master Plan

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Do you want to empower every area of your life and make a significant impact on yourself and those around you? In this three-part video series, we will explore the best strategies to leveling up your life.

In today’s episode, we dive into Phase 1: Creating Your Master Plan. By the end of this blog post, you’ll gain clarity on the next steps to bring your life to the next level.

Phase 1: Your Master Plan to leveling Up:

Creating a master plan is the foundation for your journey of leveling up.

5 common mistakes to avoid that hinder progress:

Lack of clarity: Not having a clear picture of what you truly want can be a major obstacle.
Self-sabotage: Even with clear goals, sometimes we fail to take action and sabotage our own progress.
Feeling overwhelmed: The perception of too many tasks and limited time can lead to a sense of overwhelm.
Busy without progress: Taking excessive action without seeing tangible results can be counterproductive.
Overreliance on thoughts: Merely thinking and attracting things without taking practical action may hinder growth.

To overcome these obstacles, there are three phases to leveling up:

Creating your master plan is Phase 1

Becoming a master manifestor is Phase 2.

Skyrocketing your discipline and joy is Phase 3:

Phase 1: Creating Your Master Plan:

To create an effective master plan, follow these three steps:

1- Define your goals precisely:

Gain clarity on what you want to achieve. Focus on a specific area of life that you wish to work on and set clear goals within that domain.

2- Strategize and break it down:

Develop a concrete plan by dividing your goals into manageable steps. Make them so simple that you won’t procrastinate in taking action.

3- Take action and seek support:

Act on your plan with determination. Consider finding mentors who have achieved what you aspire to and seek accountability partners who can support and guide you along the way.

Aligning Your Goals with Purpose:

Aligning your goals with your life’s purpose is crucial for sustained motivation and inspiration. When your goals resonate with your purpose, inner motivation replaces the need for external reminders. If you haven’t identified your purpose yet, Speaker 1 recommends watching a related video on finding and fulfilling your purpose in life.

Practical Tips for Your Master Plan to Leveling Up:

While creating your master plan, focus on three important areas:

Finances: Begin by focusing on your financial situation. Financial stability opens doors to opportunities and attracts people who are aligned with your energetic level. Start by researching job opportunities or exploring avenues for multiple streams of income.

Relationships: Nurture your relationships with loved ones during your leveling up journey. Be there for them, as your growth can inspire and support their own journeys. Embrace constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Personal Growth: Constantly invest in your personal growth. Cultivate habits that contribute to your overall development and enhance your ability to manage relationships and finances effectively.

Creating a master plan is the first step towards leveling up your life. By avoiding common mistakes, aligning your goals with your purpose, and focusing on finances, relationships, and personal growth, you can set yourself on a path to success.

Stay tuned for Phase 2, where we’ll explore becoming a master manifestor. It’s time to level up and embrace the limitless potential within you.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Stay inspired, motivated from within, take action, and watch your life soar to new heights. See you next time!

So Grateful: Find Your Purpose in Life – Fascinating

My first Youtube Video: How To Find Your Purpose in Life and Fulfill your destiny(without overwhelm)

I’ve been working on this for a while now! Find Your Purpose in Life. Check it out @InesNangue on Youtube.

It has been lots of fun and learning, a labor of love and growth and it took me longer than I could have ever imagined. It’s fascinating how gratifying perseverance can be.

The truth is that it was always one of my dearest dreams to create a YouTube channel.

To share my experience and start the conversation, to inspire and help YOU.

Finally es ist soweit 🙂 click here to watch my first YouTube video
How To Find Your Purpose in Life and Fulfill your Destiny(without overwhelm)

If you sometimes feel stuck, Feeling like you are behind in life?

Watch this video to learn 10 tips inspired from my personal experience, how to find your purpose in life and fulfill your destiny(without overwhelm), so that you too can find your purpose in life and gain clarity to go forward on what you really want in life, to fulfill your destiny without feeling overwhelmed.

This video will cover:

– First what powerful questions to ask to discover your purpose

– Then I’ll present some useful practices to support you on your quest for purpose

– After that you’ll learn a simple strategy in order not to feel overwhelmed

– Finally I’ll share a powerful mindset shift when it comes to success or failure

– and so much more (see video chapters on YouTube).

Part 1: How to find your life’s purpose

Part 2: How to fulfill your destiny, your purpose, without feeling overwhelmed

Also, after you watch the video, comment and let me know what’s your favorite tip from the video. Share with me!

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 How To Find Your Purpose in Life and Fulfill your Destiny(without overwhelm)

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With all my Love and Gratitude

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New Youtube Channel – Subscribe!

Hope you’re doing fantastic and enjoying the beginning of this gorgeous summer season. 

I’m so grateful and enthused to introduce to you, my brand new Youtube Channel@inesnangue, starting from scratch.

It has been lots of fun and learning, a labor of love and growth and it took me longer than I could have ever imagined.
Now that it’s time to start publishing videos, I could really use your help.

First of all, my gratitude and appreciation go to you, as well as many many blessings, for your support and loyalty to me and Nurture Body and Soul all these years. Thank you!

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10 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Finish What You Start

10 mistakes to avoid and finish what you start –

Have you ever being caught in an endless cycle in which you enthusiastically start a new exciting project, yet you fail to complete it?

And like a stotting deer, you jump to the next exciting project, and the next one, and the next one, only to leave them all unfinished and fail to see the results you want.

Here are some mistakes to avoid and what to do instead if you really care about finishing what you start.

Mistake 1 –Setting goals that are not really important to you

Solution 1: make sure you know WHY you want to accomplish the goal or the project you’ve chosen to work on. How will it impact your life and the life of those around you if you completed this goal? How does it make you feel to accomplish this project?

Mistake 2 –Not being crystal clear on what the end result looks likeor constantly changing what the end result look like

Solution 2: Write in details what you really want, why it matters to you and make sure the Your goal is measurable and has a deadline.

For example: Instead of I want to eat healthier, you can say 
I will eat a green smoothie each morning, a whole food lunch and a green salat each evening for the next 10 days

Mistake 3 – Following too many projects or options at once

Solution 3: Choose only one project that has the highest priority for the time being, on which you’ll focus until completion. 

Mistake 4– Having too complex goals that paralyses you

Solution 4: Divide your projects or goals into very easy to do milestones

Mistake 5 – Not scheduling in your calendar where and whenyou’ll work on your goal or project

Solution 5: After you break down your goal into sub-goals, write on your calendar when and where you’ll work on what.

Mistake 6 – Not executing relentlesslyuntil completion a.k.a. giving up

Solution 6: Keep going. Daily small incremental actions are your best friends on this one. Write down the day before the 3 priority actions that you’ll do the next day that will bring you a step closer to your goal. And do your very best to complete each day those priority actions. As long as you don’t give up, and you keep growing and expanding, you’ll succeed.

Mistake 7: Not planning for obstaclesin advance and their solutions

Solution 7: Be clear on what your strategy is and on what possible obstacles you might encounter. Prepare solutions in advance

Mistake 8: Chasing and starting the next exciting idea or project

Solution 8: Write down your new exciting ideas down, and wait until you complete your current project before you can start the next exciting one.

Mistake 9 – Not measuring your progress 

Solution 9:Have well defined metrics that you use preferably on a daily basis to monitor your progress. Note what is working and work on what isn’t working.

Mistake 10 – Not being grateful 

Solution 10:write everyday the things, people, events, accomplishments, etc. for which you’re grateful for. Make sure to acknowledge the progress you’re making on your project or goal and have thankfulness for it. To those who are thankful, more is given.

Wishing you all the best to complete that project or goal that is so dear to you.

With soo much love and encouragements

Thank You

Gratitude and fulfilment –

I’m gliding in enthusiasm right now, not only because spring is finally here with the warm sun rays and the beautiful wild flowers…

But also because I was so thrilled to read answers to my email/newsletter from last week around the ebook I’m currently working on.

Thank you so much for your feedback, it was very helpful. 

Gratitude is the path to fulfilment in all areas of life. 

What we appreciate grows in value and we receive all kind of blessings and synchronicities around it.

So once again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, to allow me to share my work with you. 

To show you my appreciation for you being part of this, receive this virtual bouquet that the kids, my man and I gathered in the meadow near the forest, just for you 🙂

Remember to keep a grateful heart in your life, no matter the circumstances.

Wishing you a fantastic week, full of blessings!

With so much love and all my gratitude

How To Transform Fear into Growth

Listen to fear and take action…

What if fear is stoping you from moving ahead? What if you’re afraid to follow your dreams and you self sabotage your goals?

We all experience different degrees of fear throughout our life, especially when we want to do something new, outside our comfort zone. We can transform our fear into growthwhen we listen and then take incremental action.

In fact fear is just a normal part of life, and it wants to keep us safe, to protect us. Listening to your fear can actually guide you in the right direction.

To “keep you safe” fear can try to paralyse you from moving forward in your life. So your next step when you feel fear, reflect, then take incremental action towards what you really want.

But first of all, it is wise to look our fear in the eye and to examine what it wants to tell us. May be:

  • It is giving us feedback so that we can adjust our trajectory?
  • It is showing us that what we’re after is not really that important  to us?
  • Is it wanting us to change our strategy or to clarify our goal?
  • Do we need to expand our time frame to realise our goal?
  • Is it telling us that we’re being unrealistic?
  • Is it protecting us from getting hurt

After self refection around your fear, your next step is really to take appropriate action:

  • What is the next doable baby step in our strategy? Can you do that? If not, divide that step into smaller easy enough steps.
  • Research and learn what you need to do to go ahead towards your goal. Most importantly apply it.
  • Find the courage to talk with the people you need to talk with
  • Research and create a strategy how you’ll face the fear or create a work around strategy if necessary.
  • Remind yourselves why this goal is important to you and what the benefits are of doing it. Then go for it with the necessary baby steps
  • etc..

Go for it. 

Go after what you really want, and if you don’t know that yet, follow your curiosity. 

Only by taking action little by little will you find clarity and power to keep going forward or enough evidence to call it a dead end that you want to leave.

Think about a child learning to walk or someone learning to drive a car for example. The degree of fear can vary depending on the individual, but incremental action can help them face and overcome the fear.

Sure they make a lot of mistakes while learning, but with constant practice and incremental action steps, they eventually master it.

I’ll leave you with this inspiring  video and blog from Dr. John Demartini’s webpage around the subject of fear. 

Focus and Prioritize Your Life

Prioritise Your Life –

Write down every evening the important actions that you want to accomplish the next day.

Choose and focus on three of them, and give it your all to really accomplish those three priority actions the next day.

When you nail the three priority actions every day, you can increase to 5 and then 7. But make sure to really focus and complete what you write is your priority.

This will increase your feeling of self worth, because you’re focused and you do what you said you’ll do.

This is a sure way to live an efficient life, because you make every day efficient day after day, you focused on what’s really important to you and you see progress and you are grateful for it.

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You Got This! Renew Inspiration

photo by Anthony

I’m sitting here, thinking about what to write to you, in this global lockdown situation around the Covid 19.

How are you? I hope you are well. How are you feeling in these times of global crisis?

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired and you keep going after what is meaningful and important to you, renewing your courage day after day.

You know, it’s so easy to get distracted, discouraged, to feel paralysed or even desperate and to give up on your goals and dreams and then to blame it all on the crisis. But…

Every crisis is a blessing in disguise.

Would you agree or disagree with the statement above?

If you do agree, then you know that there are benefits and opportunities to be found in these challenging times.

If you disagree, I respect that, and it’s probably because you’re too focused on the drawbacks right now.

Of course there are drawbacks that come with crisis and challenges.

But there is wisdom in searching and recognising the hidden benefits and blessings that also come with every crisis.

In order to find them, ask yourself questions such as:

  • “How can I use this situation to my advantage?”
  • “How is this challenge helping me get what is really important to me?”
  • “How do people around me benefit from this situation”
  • “What benefits will we all get in the future because of this?”

Finding answers to those questions can be challenging depending on your situation and the drawbacks you’re facing.

So, search really deep until you find answers, no matter what drawbacks and challenges you’re facing.

Those answers can help you

  • stay inspired and focused,
  • renew inspiration and focus,
  • find meaning and courage
  • stay on track with what is important to you and those around you

even in times of crisis.

And to understand that there is a bigger picture.


Whether you have to stay home because of the lockdown situation or whether you continue to go out to work, or any other situation…ask yourself what opportunities and benefits can be hidden in this current lockdown situation.

Let us think about this and find out some examples together.

For example:

  • You could get to spend more quality time with your family.
  • You could actively strengthen your immune system to stay healthy, by eating wisely, getting enough sleep, exposure to sun and fresh air.
  • May be you get to cook more healthy foods instead of eating junk food on the go?
  • The change in routines give you more time to rest and rejuvenate.
  • You get more time to think instead of just doing the old patterns.
  • You get more time to exercise.
  • If you lost your job, may be this is the right opportunity for the career change you’ve being longing for?
  • You get the opportunity to create new patterns and new routines in your personal and professional life.

Right now, the increased use of remote technologies (home office for workers for example, or home schooling for students) is one of those global benefits, and families are spending quality time together more than before as a result.

It can cause stress and brings its own challenges, but it is an opportunity to give and receive love, to get closer, to support family members and friends and also to face and address the challenges within the family dynamics and to attempt to find creative solutions.

Time will certainly show us more benefits that we individually and globally get out of this global situation.

Until then, we’ll be wise to focus on the opportunities, on what is working properly, on the benefits and advantages that we get out of it, not in order to be infatuated with the situation, but in order to keep a balanced mind and…

To keep a state of presence, inspiration, courage and gratitude because there is a bigger picture, there is a divine order.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m wishing you all the best
With soo soo much Love and Gratitude


What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Do you imagine that if you materialize all your biggest dreams and goals, then one day you’ll be only happy? With no more sadness or frustration?

Or are you living your best “happy” life right here and right now, no matter the circumstances?

Over the years, I’ve come to substitute the pursuit of happiness and joy – which is only one side of life – with embracing fulfilment.

So to me, true happiness means fulfilment. And fulfilment is an inner feeling that’s unique to you.

It’s about having the wisdom to embrace all that life has to offer us in this moment, not only the “happy” side of it. 

Fulfilment is also about aligning your life, with what is truly important to you, what resonates both with your heart and mind. It doesn’t come from outside.

It’s when you continuously grow from what life presents to you and gradually see meaning and purpose in it. 

That being said, happiness can be found in the little things as well, as you can read in this blog post. 

Make a list of what makes you feel happy, joyful and most importantly fulfilled, especially the little things and the people. Do these little things every single day and embrace all that life offers you with the wisdom of a grateful heart.

Convert Setbacks into Comebacks To Materialize Your Dreams and Goals – Part 3 – Convert setbacks into comebacks to materialize your dreams and goals Part 3

The mini-serie ‘Convert Setbacks Into Comebacks’ is part eight of The ‘Materialize Your Dreams and Goals’ Series by Ines Nangue from

Do you occasionally caught yourself playing this role too? “feeling like a failure” after something you really thought you wanted didn’t go your way? And telling yourself that you don’t know what to do?

I understand what an annoying game this can be, not doing anything else than feeling miserable and thinking back and forth in your head about giving up or moving forward, over a so called “failure” or “setback” – whether you perceive it as major or minor – on your journey to materialise your dearest dreams and goals.

These setbacks have the potential to be your biggest comebacks, they are indeed blessings in disguise.

What to do? Convert setbacks into magnificent comebacks

In Part 3 we’re covering what to do after setbacks in order to convert those setbacks into magnificent comebacks and materialize your biggest dreams and goals.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

First calm down and relax. You can do this by paying full attention to your breath, each time you inspire and expire, feel the air and its path in your body, Focus on the sensation when the air enters and then exits your nostrils.

To relax, you can also contract all of your muscles for as long as you can and then let go and relax all muscles all at once, and feel the relief. Also let go of any thoughts, notice them pass by and come back to breathing deeply and rhythmically.

Now that you feel calm and relax, ask your soul for guidance.

Please pay close attention to what will come to you: It can come in so many different forms: a voice in your head, an idea, a calling to do something, a coincidence, or someone talking to you.

Do this process of accessing your inner wisdom as often as you can and write down your insights in a journal.

Make sure to implement this insights with massive actions every day.

Also find and do regularly activities that help you connect with your inner wisdom:Yoga and meditation are the most popular when you think about inner wisdom, but really it can be any activity that you love and feel in the flow with.

For some it is dancing, for other writing or painting or for other still it is sports or playing an instrument, reading inspiring books, being in nature or keeping a gratitude journal.

Find out what you love, what makes you come alive and do that/those often. Even better have daily activities that bring you in the flow, in the zone where you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom, your soul, the clearest.

Accessing your inner wisdom regularly, many times a day is a great way to rewire your brain. This will ensure that you think and act outside the box or outside your comfort zone, and in alignment with what really matters to you.

Prepare Your Comeback and Ask Empowering Questions

The quality of your life is driven by the focused actions you take as a result of answering quality empowering questions.

Ask yourself the right empowering questions, that will help you to learn from the setback, to adjust your perception and to take inspired action.

Instead of asking “why did this happen to me”

Ask an empowering questions like

  • How can I learn from this or
  • What can I learn from this
  • What caused this?
  • What benefits do I get from this?
  • What benefits do others get from this
  • How can I improve in my personal life? How can I empower all areas of my life? What area do I want to focus on right now?
  • What would happen if this did’n’t happen? What would be the drawback if this didn’t happen.
  • Who was in this situation I was and succeeded and how can I get inspired and learn from them in order to get a better outcome for myself
  • What can I do right now to use this setback/situation in my advantage
  • How does/can this situation or setback increases my levels of fulfilment in my life?

Write down your answers to these questions, for example in a journal or on your computer.

Focused Priority-Actions

Okay, you’re doing a great job answering these empowering questions. Don’t stop at just answering them, instead, back them up with massive action.

Act on the gained insights everyday, by doing priority actions (at least one priority action everyday) that transform your setback into a magnificent comeback.

And if you feel doubt creeping in, instead of seeking immediate gratification by distracting yourself with food or TV or social media or surfing online or any other distractions, get up and go do a high priority action that is aligned to your goal and to your vision.

If you find yourself procrastinating, chunk down what you want to do in even smaller steps and start with the hardest or easiest step, whatever suits you. Also make sure that you know exactly WHY you want this in the first place.

Be kind and loving to yourself by setting realistic small steps even if your dream seems big and intimidating/unrealistic, acting on what you say you would do gives you certainty and courage to continue to create momentum. keep your word to yourself and do what you said you’d do.

The steps above will get you moving towards your dreams and goals closer and closer everyday, and convert any setback into a magnificent comeback.

Yes, we did it. This post officially concludes the Convert Setbacks Into Comebacks mini series as well as the Materialize Your Dreams and Goals Series